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"NetOps has taken care of our hardware and software systems for more than 10 years. We chose NetOps because we needed a service that would respond to problems quickly, as we literally cease to operate when our computers are down or operating in an undependable manner. We also required a company that could update our processing technology on a regular basis. I would strongly urge anyone who depends on their computer systems on a daily basis to consider utilizing the many talents of NetOps."

Ronald H. Lynn
Certified Public Accountant
Shindler & Lynn, CPA

Did you know that an infected web page is found every five seconds? That one in 500 e-mail messages contains confidential information? Or, that one in 2,500 e-mails contains an infected attachment? In the past few years, the number of network security services breaches has decreased; however, their severity has intensified.

Not only are account numbers and passwords being stolen, thousands of computers are being hijacked to become sources of spam. That means every time one of your employees opens an infected website, e-mail message or attachment, the security of your system is affected. How can you secure your computer networks?

Among the basics are: anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam software; regular password changes; limits on what can be uploaded from outside computers; network monitoring; vulnerability scans; VPN’s; and firewalls. Make certain your firm’s personal and sensitive data is protected.  Hire the IT experts at NetOps Corporation and utilize our network security services. Your network will never be safer.

Think about all the information you store in your company’s computer network. What if that network were compromised? Now think about the peace of mind you will have knowing that NetOps Corporation’s trained and certified engineers are monitoring, scanning and blocking any threat to your network with our network security services. You will experience seamless business continuity, while we perform vulnerability scans,

network monitoring and manage VPNs, to certify that your systems are clear of viruses, spyware, or spam. Our network security services will also monitor all peripheral equipment that can impact your firm’s efficiency and productivity. At NetOps we understand the intricacies of network security services and why monitoring your network 24/7 is essential. That is why we include network security services as part of our INSIGHT Managed IT Solutions package.


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